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Wearable Tech Today!

julio 10, 2014 Technology

Wearable Tech

From Google Glass to Samsung’s Smart Watch, wearable tech is here, but will it catch on? There has been a surge in wearables starting with smart watches from different companies such as the Pebble Smart watch and Samsung with its second variation of its Galaxy Gear and many more companies with their own rumored wearable tech coming soon. So what exactly is wearable tech? Basically, a computer that you wear! It can perform functions like checking your vital signs and all the way to giving you instant access to information without ever pulling out your smart phone. Now, why would you want to have a smart watch or wear those Google Glasses? People will probably think you look hilarious walking around talking to yourself and they may find you a bit strange…just like with Bluetooth headsets. But the exciting part about wearable tech is the many health benefits that are about to become a reality. Having instant access to your blood sugar levels for a diabetic or checking your heart rate will working out will allow us to take better care for ourselves. These wearable devices will be able to send important information to your doctor instantly and notify them if something is up with your body. So why isn’t it all-available just yet? Well there is always politics involved and this technology is pretty advanced so it all has to be perfect before the consumers get their hands on it. Pretty soon we’ll be full walking computers, here comes the Terminator, and even parts of our body will be connected with the devices we work and play with everyday.

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