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Virtual Society as a Market

julio 12, 2016 Consulting

The dynamics of social interactions has always been a field that expresses difficulty. Proof of this are the vast disciplines and branches that it contains as a base, or as an object of study, human processes that foster the belief and security of the notion of that which is «social.» However, ever since the birth of the Internet for the general population, and now with direct access to it from mobile devices, it raises the following scenario, perhaps unthinkable, even for the most rigorous scholars.

The interaction on social networks is not the same as the interaction in the real world. We can speak of virtual platforms as microuniverses that allow each item to become part of a web of communication. This provides a reason as to how one subject can have two or more virtual identities and, as a result, is able to have various mannerisms, in diversified spaces.

Social engagement can be thought of as the following: a blank canvas where each brand, with or without strategy, offers users the materials, colors and items their brand might need. Together, each of them can contribute to the overall presence of the brand in for example, a fanpage. In these cases, the community is responsible for either lifting or crashing a brand, and this occurs not only due to their personal judgment, but also due to the work reflected for the brand in social media.

In order to gain and attract a user, it is simply not enough to lend or present great service. In addition to that, a brand’s personality, its tone and mannerism, it’s strategies of content, if successful, can work and allow each user the ability to trust the brand even beyond a Top of Mind trust and recognition. Social networks offer the ability for each brand to reinvent and present itself in a personalized way to each of its users.

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