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Tech for School

agosto 25, 2014 Technology

Whether you’re in college or high school there are plenty of gadgets this year that you should consider before the school year begins. For starters, high school students tend to carry around more notebooks and textbooks than any other student does, so why not consolidate some of those books. The iPad is a must have for a student who is looking to consolidate the size of their backpack by about 8 pounds, it gives students unlimited access to online resources and textbooks that can all be carried for 8 ounces, a clear difference in weight. A new company is releasing a device for the iPad called the iSketchNote (, which allows you to digital record all your hand written notes to your iPad and the cloud always ensuring you have access to everything where ever you are. This is great for all high school and college students because you no longer have to carry around six different note books for each class, you’ll have them all on your iPad ready to be accessed anywhere anytime. Now some cool gadgets college students may want to consider for the dorm room is the Belkin WeMo switch ( which gives you automation of your devices to make your dorm room that much cooler than everyone else’s and if your one to freak about cable messes you can buy the Plug Hub ( that tucks away all those extra cables to make your room look organized. There are many other gadgets out there you can choose from to be the cool kid at school but just be careful and keep an eye on the tech you take to school.
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