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septiembre 3, 2014 Technology

Everyday we hear there’s some new smartphone out and you see all the campaigns telling you “Our phone is the greatest!” but really how can we compare these devices anymore. All smart devices now a days all come with the same basic features and even some more advanced ones, but now the margin between the hardware and technology inside all these devices is so small any phone you choose is going to be great, for the most part. So the big guys: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Nokia. These guys are the most competitive of all and are running different operating systems on their devices so what features give each of these devices the deal breaker and prevent you from buying another device? Apple has always been know for their simple operating system with the largest amount of 3rd party apps available to download making it such a robust device that can do almost everything. Samsung on the other hand is also a great devices and runs a modify version of Android OS with tons of extras, many you really don’t need/use, which is something Samsung is fond of doing but overall it’s a great device. Blackberry and Nokia are in their own category and their popularity has fallen because it seems the phone makers just cannot get it right with the devices or the marketing. Put the big guys aside and now image a new phone that can never go old. Phone Bloks,, is an up and coming device, maybe still a few years away, literally made out of blocks similar to Lego pieces, no joke. This device allows you to always be constantly upgrading any internal parts or customize it for a certain occasion. Say you’re going to a music concert and expect to take tons of pictures, well you can easily attach a high mega pixel camera, then a large capacity battery then some storage to hold it all up. Pretty neat right? It’s a phone that will always continue to evolve as the years go by and your only would be having to buy parts for it never a full priced $600 smartphone every year or two, depending how you are with tech. So whether or not this phone becomes a reality, smart phones will only become more powerful and soon a full on replacement for many of your devices you use everyday.

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