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Smart Homes

agosto 5, 2014 Technology

Smart homes are starting to become a reality now with all sorts of gadgets that can help you take care of things at home whenever and wherever you are. Things like turning on your dryers at a certain time to keep cloths fresh or even controlling your A/C temperature right before you get home. The technology in our homes is finally becoming smarter and better every day making our lives easier and hassle free. Things like the iRobot Roomba that can clean and vacuum your floors at a certain time everyday keeping your home clean at all times. Pairing up your smart phone with all these devices in your home keeps you connected to everything at all times making sure nothing goes wrong with anything. You can check your doors if you have smart locks and see who is coming in and out of your house and checking the garage door to ensure its always closed and secure. Home surveillance tech is also connected to your smart phone giving you the ability to always keep an eye on your home giving you a sense of security on all your personal belongings. Home tech will only get smart and more affordable as it becomes more popular. The industry is expected to increase ten fold by 2019 from its current $1.3 billion valuation.
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