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Reporting – 1st part

julio 12, 2016 Consulting

Do you sometimes take a moment to wonder why so many reports are needed and drafted for your department? Or ask yourself what the purpose is for taking so much time in creating data inundated excel spread sheets that someone might or might not read? Don’t be too surprised about the unanimous answer: reporting is a tool that can create great value, not only for your brand, but also for your clients. In many occasions, companies (large or small) hire a 3rd party specifically designated to the efficient reporting of the company’s KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Reporting is an activity with a lot of history. Even so, history itself is organized through countless reports of successes, battles, deeds, decisions, events, and much more. So if you find yourself reporting previous to you reading this blog entry, have the following clear: reporting is a MUST if you want to have success. In today’s fast paced environment with the upmost sincerity, no one is safe from creating at least 1-2 reports per day. Even the most prominent individuals within a company are highly involved in reporting. We are all in that together because it is an intrinsic form of communication.

Let’s go back to the initial questions; many times we find ourselves questioning the importance of a report we create. Others times, we realize and are disappointed by the fact that our clients, both internal & external, don’t even read the entire report – yes, that time consuming report that took two full work days to compete. Always know and believe that final results will speak for themselves.

Possible transparency generated by a report is very attractive to clients. In 2015, Oscar Shimabukuro published a very interesting note about this. Some of the items he mentions that stand out involve the making of decisions through information. If you have the best possible & most relevant information, available at the right time, you will reduce the risk on making a mistake and will definitely make a better, more informed decision.

Coming soon, we will share with you the 2nd section of this entry, where we will talk about how to facilitate, through new technology, the intense labor that is reporting! Don’t forget to join Radii University for FREE and obtain more valuable insight on Digital Marketing.

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