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Open Source

septiembre 18, 2014 Technology

So what exactly is Open Source? In simple terms anything that can be modified by anyone. Open source can be anything from a computer program or mobile application al the way to the blue prints of a house. Having a project become open source allows for someone to maybe see a better way of implementing your idea or just plain out making it way better than the original thought. But when it comes to software this allows for other developers to use this so called source code that is available to be modified and replicated to their needs and sometimes we get really great creative ideas out of things that already exist. One example is Facebook recently release all the source code for the engine that runs their Facebook Paper app and they did this so that developers could use their API within their own apps to create a fun and intuitive way to navigate around the app. People were extremely happy that Facebook had done this. Open Source programs are great especially for say small companies that cant afford those super expense enterprise programs when usually they only would need a few. Applications like Apache Office offer a free way to getting a word processor for your machine, and this is especially important now a days because of all the monthly payment services big companies are switching to which most people can not afford or do not want to be tied into a monthly service plans. So open source is the way to go if you feel that your idea should be shared and reused, of course with your own rules on how they can use it. The more open source projects there are the better it is for developers to work together and create better more intuitive experiences for the user and cut out all the hours of debugging one person would have to do.

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