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Omnichannel Retail… has just begun!

octubre 31, 2014 Consulting

“There is going to be a day that you are going to say, why would you ever serve me that ad?” Personalization will grow in importance to the point where consumers will expect marketing to accurately reflect their specific interests.

Omni, or omnichannel retail refers to supporting consmers how they prefer to shop, whether that is one commerce websites, in physical stores, via tablets, smartphones or physical catalogs or brand engagement over social media. The main premise is that consumers expect to shop for whatever they want, whenever they want, across multiple platforms, or channels, online or offline

The idea of 24/365 purchasing power of customers, implies retailers will shift to provide items purchased via digital channels to consumers within hours, rather than days or weeks. Retailers now that if a wanted item is not available from physical or digital points at that exact moment a consumer decides to buy, it most certainly will be purchased from a competitor, and possibly for the same, or lower price.

Stores and online are now forever interwinded. The two channels complement each other.Retailers may not need to find an omnichannel niche for every strategy, but if they want to stay in favor with consumers, they will have to develop ways to reach their customer at the right time on the right channel. The buying channels have to work together and serve each other, but retailers must also break down the walls that determine which channel gets the credit for a sail; retail is now one commerce. Affiliate sites, blogs, social media, social shopping websites and retail aggregators are all components of omnichannel. They provide retailers and brands new ways to reach consumers who are prone to Googling a wanted item or asking for friend’s recommendations instead of seeking out retailers first.

Are you ready for omnichannel?

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