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Microsoft Surface

julio 15, 2014 Technology

So Microsoft’s answer to Apples iPad was the Surface Tablet and boy was it a disappointment from the beginning. When they release the first version of the Surface Tablet it was plague with battery and software issues, Windows 8 was only worsening the case. It took them some time to get rid of the many bugs that plague that device but there were still too many hardware issues. But finally a year goes by and the Surface 2 Pro is unveiled and boy was it a much need upgrade. This tablet was finally up to speed with the competitors. The software, Windows 8.1, was finally running smoothly on the device and the plagued battery issues were taken care of. The most interesting part of this tablet that I enjoyed the most was the pressure sensitive pen that was included. For me this was the selling point. Now I could convert all my school notes to digital and always have them on the go, no longer did I have to carry five notebooks around making my backpack so large. My only downside to the Surface was the lack of readily made applications for the touch screen, it has been improving but still does not beat the ranks of Apple and Google’s app stores. This tablet is an overall great power house for the user that is very into the Windows space and wants the perfect cross over of a laptop and tablet. Now Microsoft has taken an aim at laptops by introducing the Surface Pro 3 with a screen size of 12 inches, they should call it the Surface laptop since most notebooks and entry level laptops start at this screen size. Either way I believe Microsoft won’t be giving up on this project and I hope to seen them better improve the device.

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