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DIY Home Security

julio 30, 2014 Technology

Do it yourself projects have becoming an increasing popular task now a days because it is so easy to find out how to do or make something with the Internet. Home security it a much rather other looked thing in the US with only 13% of homes covered with some type of security and then only a few of those are monitored daily through a 3rd party. But now it’s easy to create your own home security network that YOU can monitor and add onto it without needing to pay those 3rd party companies. The benefit to creating your own home security network is you get to choose was brand you want to use and for the most part they are all very simple to setup and have instant access to all your sensors and cameras you may install right on your smartphone. One recent start called DropCam makes an easy to setup up wireless camera monitoring system for your home, They even offer an extra cloud storage option, paid, where they store all your footage in your home, which can be viewed back to a month. Viper offers an entire DIY package for your home which includes monitoring, door sensors, motion sensors and much more free if you install it yourself and then there are paid options to choose from. If you have any old devices lying around, Android or iPhones/iPads, you can use those devices with 3rd party apps and turn them into a monitoring system for your home as well.

Check here for iPad setup:
Here for Android devices:

So now that you know its easy to create a DIY Home security system go out and start securing your homes with these great products so you can always ensure the safety of your home when your not around.

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