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Car Tech

julio 22, 2014 Technology

The Auto industry is an ever-fast changing industry and every year auto companies always impress us with better technology in our cars. New cars now a day are fully connected into our lives and smart devices. You can control your car with an app on your smart phone and always keep tabs on what’s going on with your car. For example the Telsa is probably one of the most “tech’ed” out cars in the market with all sorts of smart features integrated into its on board computer. When the company needs to update and add features to the car in all downloaded over the Interne, no need to take it into a dealer. Also another increasing field with cars in integrated telephone connections, so now on your long road trips you can keep everyone connected in the car on all their devices and not just their smart phones, this is great to keep kids busy on their iPads and not having to hear “are we there yet?”. The increased safety features being offered in cars has dramatically changed the way we drive, from blind spot warning signals to auto front brakes when a collision is imminent and now even a self driving car. Having smarter cars on the road will begin to bring down accident numbers and hopefully increase driver safety for all because when we’re in our cars we shouldn’t have to be worrying about avoiding getting into accidents. With smarter cars on the road we’ll will soon have a better safer roads and a less stressful time behind the wheel.

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