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Apple Swift

julio 11, 2014 Technology


Apple has recently introduced a new programming language called Swift and here’s a quick breakdown of why it’s great. It’s a modern language and by that, it’s even easier to declare variables and objects within your code. Apple added the ability to declare emoticons as variables so you can add a twist to your code if you feel the need to code with an Emoji. Apple added a feature they call Playgrounds where you get to write code and immediately see the result to the right of every line you right. This is great for when you want to quickly write some lines of code and see if it would work correctly. Swift is also for overflows of integers and automatically manages memory, which makes it very easy for new programmers to jump right into the language and begin coding right away. A couple things Apple borrowed and packaged into Swift from other languages includes the optional use of semicolons at the end of each statement, Tuples, automating referencing, and Dictionaries from the likes of JavaScript, Java, Python and C#. Apple’s Swift language is ready to use in its beta version of Xcode for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, which can be downloaded from their developer portal if you have an account registered. Get started coding with Swift today and prepare yourselves for when Apple releases iOS 8 to the public sometime in September so that you can distribute your newly coded applications to all iOS users.

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